Gardening Tips

Anthony Hibbert, landscape gardener and silver medal prize winner at Chelsea for his Japanese garden some years ago has agreed to give me the benefit of some of his “very laid back” gardening tips, whenever his love for being in the the garden allows him to get to his Email. So check in occasionally for these Tips.

Gardening Tip No.1

Spend at least 5 minutes everyday in the garden doing a small job like weeding or pruning. It all helps, particularly at the beginning of the season when ten seddlings can be removed quicker than one big weed (let alone ten big weeds).When you don’t feel like doing anything, five minutes outside quickly becomes fifteen and a surprising amount can be achieved. And its more fun than sitting in a chair, going on the internet or having a cup of coffee (or tea).
I, at the moment, am spending all my time outside in an ongoing battle with bind weed. Anyone got any effective tips on how to eradicate bindweed? Or is that a chimera?
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