Box Appétit Lunch Box

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The innovative Box Appétit Lunch Boxes set the standard in portable food containers. Looking like ceramic bowls, they have an inner dish, with its own lid, that allows you to heat one dish and have another cold one. Also included are a cutting fork and a covered sauce pot for vinaigrettes etc. The clear glass-like lids, which double as plates, lock on the box with a watertight seal.  Smartly trimmed in a choice of colours, they have a clever recess for dipping sauces.

You can carry your Box Appétit stylishly with its Lunch Box Bag, which comes in a choice of green or black with a green checked lining. This neat bag is roomy enough to hold the box, a drink bottle or can and a piece of fruit. The bags are waterproof, so any spillages wipe clean with the minimum of fuss. These dual purpose bags fasten with Velcro, then open out to make an individual blanket for sitting in the park on nice days or a place mat if your packed lunch at your desk.

Why We Like Them
So-o-o stylish and perfect for packed lunches at work or on the go.

Lunch Box Revolution Cook Book
Lunch Box Revolution is a recipe book like no other and has been written especially for theBox Appétit Lunch Box. This useful cook book is full of delicious international dishes that are quick, fun and easy to prepare – and perfect for lunch on the go… These tempting lunchtime recipes are designed to increase your energy levels, improve your health and save money and the time wasted queuing for snacks. Written and designed by Gil Kahana and Michiko Nitta for black+blum as part of the Box Appetit range.

Why We Like Them
Bored of sandwiches and insipid salads at lunch? Then this is the book for you.

You can buy all three from at a combined price of £22 or €25

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