Match your zodiac to your wedding style – 2

Gemini 21  May – 21 June

The Gemini bride shys away from a traditional trousseau, either bought or inherited, prefering to buy her bedlinen as and when required, brightly coloured and easy to launder.
The guest list will be a mix of relations, friends and acquaintances chosen strictly for their amusement value as the wedding reception will definitely be informal and fun.
A good wedding photographer is a must….
A wedding planner a luxury as Gemini brides tend to be a bit lazy about organising themselves.
The Gemini bride should choose a selection of  vibrant pink accessories as these will suit her love for the informal.

Cancer  22 June – 21 July

The Cancer bride adores collecting  her traditional trousseau, better still if inherited, though she is willing to spend a great deal of time and money on what she considers to be a good investment for her future married life. After all, she will be able to hand it on to her own daughter..
Her guest list will include all her family and relations as well as all her special friends.
She would like to organise everything herself, as she feels it is important but the help of a good wedding planner will probably make life easier, as long as she herself  remains in control of all the decisions.

The  Cancer bride should choose grass green accents to highlight all her accessories.

Try objects-of-design for  your wedding list. They have an excellent “Wish List” feature that you can set up and send to all your guests.
Cancer bride can choose the sumptuous Irish Linen Duvets and the double damask Tablecloths whilst the Gemini Bride will love the colourful Herdy Teatowels and Aromatherapy pillows.


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