Match your zodiac to your wedding style

Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac has its own particular way of celebrating her wedding day.  Tell me your birth sign and I will tell you the style and colour best suited to your wedding day.

Aries  22 March – 21 April

The bride born under the sign of Aries is not a traditionalist and is unlikely to spend a great deal of money on her trousseau.
Her wedding preparations are minimal and to the point, like all her actions.
She is likely to use the services of a wedding planner as she does not have the time or the patience to go through all the palaver of fittings, meetings and constant decisions.

The Aries Bride should choose red as her basic colour

Taurus  22 April – 21 May

The Taurus bride will not go without her traditional trousseau of linen sheets and embroidered table cloths.
She will want to invite her entire family to the event which she will plan down to the last detail personally. For her a wedding in grand style is an absolute must… everything must be perfect and she will want to organise it herself, however time consuming.

The Taurus Bride should choose apple green as her basic colour

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