Match your zodiac to your wedding style – 3

Leo 22 July – 21 August


The Leo Bride is not a traditionalist, placing the emphasis on style. Her trousseau will be expensive and from all the best shops, preferably couture if possible.

Her wedding will be a large one,  as she likes having all her friends present.

She will spare no effort nor expense to ensure that the event is a memorable one.. and if she cannot afford gold favours then at least they must be ……in silver!

She will probably hire a wedding planner as she likes delegating, as long as she can have the last word.

If the Bride does not choose gold or silver, then she will use the  warm colours of  of  summer, probably shades of orange

Virgo 22/08-21/09


The thrifty Virgo Bride will spend the minimum necessary on her trousseau, invite a few intimate friends, and generally not make a great fuss over her wedding.

She will keep an eagle eye on all aspects of the wedding budget: photographer, cake,  invitations, music and flowers as well as  the honeymoon.

A natural organiser she certainly does not need the services of a wedding planner.

Green, orange and yellow highlight this summer bride.

The perfect flower table centre for the summer bride

Picture  courtesy of Michael Daigian design


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