Mood Boards – Violet

Perfect for the bride that does not want lily white as her main theme but also does not desire a strong background colour. Flattering, offering a wide array of shades to utilise in table settings and decor, Violet is a theme colour that lends itself to many differing wedding scenes.


A selection of violet decorating touches

1. Gazebo decorated with tulle and hortensia. For the actual ceremony cream chairs with lilac bows and a frothy lace covering on the table.  2. 3 tiered wedding cake with bridal figure on top and violet ruche decor.  3. Tall vases filled with violet filling, tulle and white and purple seasonal flowers. 4. Table plan with violet tones and the bridal car, a Fiat 500. 5. Table centre, table name and flickering candles set off by a mirrored base. Perfect for a summer evening. 6. Ruffles down the front of the soft lilac wedding dress. 7. Large white urns filled with hortesia and set off with lilac tulle. 8. Table centres 9. Lilac tulle bows on the backs of all the chairs. 10. Table names. All decor by Paola at Castello Dal Pozzo

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