Top Traveller Technology Trends

Staying on top of how travellers use technology nowadays is like taking aim at a moving target. Practically every day, we learn about a new device, service, or network that promises to make some phase of the travel process more efficient, economical, or enjoyable. Understanding how consumers explore travel options is increasingly challenging, given the proliferation of platforms and devices. Yet this task is essential for companies operating in the highly competitive online travel space. In a new research study, PhoCusWright captures and presents a clear snapshot of today’s travellers, pinpointing their adoption and usage of key technology and media.

The Internet may be ubiquitous, but it still isn’t everything

  • Less than one fourth do all their travel shopping on websites

User opinions can make or break you

  • More than two thirds are at least slightly influenced by traveller-generated ratings when making purchase decisions

Consumers are ready for mobile, are you

  • 43% of mobile phone users are carrying smartphones, and more than a third of mobile users plan to book travel on their phones in the next year

The young and the wireless

  • Close to half of smartphone users are under 35 years old

You may have an app for that, but…

  • Less than a third of touchscreen smartphone users are carrying iPhones

Even mom is on Facebook

  • Seven in 10 are members of an online social network, and membership is stronger among females than males
  • Nearly nine in 10 social network users log on weekly or more often

A lot of consumers are fans of travel, but not travel companies

  • While over half of social network users are “fans” of companies, less than two in 10 are “fans” of travel companies

Word of mouth gets a megaphone

  • Nearly a third were at least somewhat influenced by comments from people in their online social network when making travel purchase decisions

Understanding these trends and their implications is critical for any travel company vying for the attention of today’s increasingly tech-savvy consumer.

Read the original report on PhoCusWright here


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