1880 – The way we were

A quick look at a selection of original photos of what the Castello looked like when it was completely rebuilt in 1878.

The overall design was by the english architect Pulan, brother in law of Charles Barry Junior, son of Sir Charles Barry, who together with Augustus Pugin, designed the new British Houses of Parlament after the Great Fire of 1834. The finished drawings were approved by the Marquis Claudio Dal Pozzo d’Annone and his wife, Maura, born Marchesa Ponti and the actual building was then overseen by the italian architect Pestalozzi.
Finished in 1878 (inscription on the entrance portico), the internal decoration was inspired by Augustus Pugin, William Dresser and the Arts & Craft Movement in England.
All the furniture was made in Italy in accordance with sketches made by the Marchese Claudio, taken during visits to private houses in England, or copied from books and catalogues. Many of the stencilled designs used to decorate the walls were sent directly from England and several are signed by William Dresser. Carpets and silverware were custom-made and imported directly from London.
The gardens were modelled on the unstructured formula adopted during the Victorian era rather than on the far more formal Italian Gardens common in Italy.


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