5 Ways to enjoy a snowy Winter

Why do we always complain about the cold, the snow and the slush. Why does winter get a bum rap? It doesn’t take that much effort to enjoy this season. Here are five ways to make the best of winter.

1. Go Outside
Experience your own hometown while it’s covered in snow and under gray skies. It’s easy to take beautiful pictures on lovely spring days. Try to find the wonder when things look their bleakest.

2. Head to the Mountains
Skiers and snowboarders love this weather. Don’t enjoy throwing yourself down a mountain? Try snowshoeing. It’s essentially winter hiking and it’s an amazing workout. Or, just take advantage of the après-ski scene with a few beverages and a dip in the hot tub.

3. Be Productive
Simply hate the cold and snow too much to go outside? Take advantage of that by being productive inside. Edit those summer trip photos that you’ve neglected. Read those guidebooks that you bought for your upcoming trips. Heck, book and plan some of those trips! If you’re going to stay inside and avoid winter, you might as well have something to show for it when the thaw arrives.

4. Cook
Nothing warms up a home like a hot oven (except for maybe a furnace or a fireplace). You know all of those foods that you’ve loved during your trips? Try to recreate those dishes in your own kitchen. No matter what the wind chill is, a bowl of homemade ..”pasta with pesto”  is sure to warm you up and remind you of that trip to ” Italy”.

5. Enjoy Being Home
Summer will surely bring road trips, weekend getaways and more destination weddings than your bank account would care to discuss. Use winter to recharge your batteries and reacquaint yourself with your own bed. There’s nothing wrong with being home for a stretch. Your friends have probably missed you…and your homemade pasta.

Blog borrowed from  www.mikebarish.com


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