A Good Time was had by All

A great evening at Castello Dal Pozzo. Costumes, masks, DJ’s, flowing bars and lots of trendy people are the formula for a successful event.

The Carnival Party at Castello Dal Pozzo went off extremely well. The weather was relatively kind which made parking easier and people arrived throughout the evening, so no long queues at the entrance. The early birds came for Drinks and Buffet Dinner and then afterwards our great barmen worked wonders all evening, ensuring that all requests were met without delays and the vodka was kept flowing all night.

The DJays pounded out great dance music  through to 3.00am, when the revellers  were forced to go home reluctantly and shed their magnificent costumes. It was marvellous to see the effort that most people had put into their costumes, almost everyone was masqueraded and the theme, Past and Present, allowed lots of leeway for interpretation. It was interesting to see how many chose to come dressed in some variation of the 1950/60 Flower Power and Flower children. The future was not really represented, the Past went back to Greek Goddesses and Roman Centurions.

See you all in June for our mid summer night Revel.


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