The Best of British Wedding Hats

What everyone wore for “The Wedding”

If the Mother of the Bride wears a hat, then – in theory – every lady present should wear one too. In this case the Queen – the Grandmother of the groom, always wears a hat , therefore a hat was “de riguer”.

It was interesting , however, to see what people consider to be a hat nowadays. (perhaps  Ascot offers  the most wonderful inventions).

And what was even more fun was seeing how everyone on the streets – all over the world, were also sporting hats. Fantastic creations, tiaras, Union Jack Toppers, everything went, it was important to “participate”.

As the NYT wrote:

“The outfits of the guests were generally tasteful and royal-friendly.  A few things stuck out. The exotic costumes of foreign dignitaries, seeming throwbacks to imperial times. The hats worn by the ladies, which resembled, variously, overturned buckets, flowerpots, lampshades, fezzes, salad plates, tea cozies, flying saucers, abstract artworks or, in one case, a pile of feathers. There were also a number of fascinators, decorative shapes with flowers or feathers, that are stuck in one’s hair but are not hats.”

Photos from NYT, Guardian, Daily Mail, Corriere della Sera


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