Things to Do Today – No. 3 Cruise and Train

Lake Maggiore Cruise and return by small gauge railway across the 100 Valleys.

25 things to do around Lake MaggioreA full day’s excursion across Lake Maggiore up to its northern tip, returning by the anachronistic small gauge railway that makes its way through the stunning scenery of 100 Valleys. Depart from Arona and cruise to the northern end of the Lake. Disembark in Ascona (Switzerland), a charming lakeside town. Return by  small gauge railway which winds its way through spectacularly scenic countryside back to Domodossola. Return to Arona by train or private chauffeur driven car.

  •  1.30minutes train journey  through the Centovalli/valle Vigezzo (one hundred valleys): meadows alternate with daring bridges, streams of the purest water, vineyards, chestnut forests with villages clinging to mountain slopes.You will travel in Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland and in Italy.
  • The train traverses 83 bridges and 34 tunnels.quant’è affascinante il percorso del treno, con i suoi 83 ponti, e le sue 34 gallerie
  • Navigate across the Lago Maggiore for three hours, to admire the Borromeo Islands, the Cannero castles and the Brissago Islands; a beautiful shoreline with quaint villages and picturesque bays.
  • Discover well known resorts of Stresa, Ascona and Locarno.
  • Lunch on board (please reserve before leaving) or in a nice little restaurant of your choice.


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