Travel Tips from Twitterers

A small selection of what we consider useful TRAVEL TIPS from  a variety of Twitterers courtesy of @52perfectdays

  • If you are traveling with kids, particularly young kids, minimize logistics and stress with fewer accommodation changes. Ideally, check into a a single hotel, resort, or rental that can be your home-base for a week or more.  @CiaoBambinoInc
  • Pack empty plastic bags on road trips, in carry on – from Ziplocs to grocery bags. For wet swimsuits,runaway crayons. Garbage bag=rain poncho. @travelingmamas
  • Bring bubble wrap and packing tape when you travel in case you find treasures that cannot be resisted. @TravelSavvyMom
  • I always carry dental floss and duct tape. Together they can repair just about everything on any trip, from luggage mishaps to problems with hiking boots.@jcreaturetravel
  • Bring binoculars on every trip.  From a concert, to a hike or a whale watching trip they always seem to come in handy. @52perfectdays.
  • Leave copies of your itinerary, passport and visa with family/friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency. @VacationInfo
  • A well-written travel diary can capture more memories than photography alone, but when keeping a travel journal, write fast and do not try to create your best writing ever. In the middle of an exciting trip, your time to write is limited. If you dwell too long on flowery phrasing, perfect punctuation, or writing down “everything” that happens, you risk overwhelming yourself and giving up on your journaling completely. If you want to write well-crafted travel essays, great, but wait until you’re home to fine-tune your journals. During your journey, splash as much detail onto your pages as quickly as you can, and then get back to the adventures around you. @globejotter
  • When on the road, use Twitter to capture thoughts & impressions. You’ll thank yourself later (& you can always delete them!). @MissExpatria
While you are at it why not invest in the Lonely Planet Best Ever Travel Tips Guide Book for €6.95. Worth it just for the guidelines on how to pack your suitcase!!

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