Places to Discover – London

Hanbury Hall Market and the Sunday Up Market

 There are plenty of vintage shops to be found in London.But if you manage to find Hanbury Hall Market (it has no web site only a Facebook Page) you can consider yourselves lucky. (We only found it with the help of fashionista Naomi Thompson). Hanbury Hall Market is a street market in Brick Lane, inside what used to be a church. Clothes racks and hippies from the days of yore have taken the place of candelabra and church goers. Checked dressing gowns and faded jeans there is also a typical british café with tea, coffe and cakes. A british breakfast under ones belt and a vintage item in one’s shopping bag. That’s what London is all about.

Sunday Up Market - Hanbury Street

The Sunday UpMarket, open only on Sundays (10am to 5pm) as the name suggests, is a one of London’s newer markets and first opened in September 2004. Located within the historic Old Truman Brewery complex on the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane in east London, the market contains around 140 stalls and focuses on edgy and vintage clothing, arts and crafts, and ethnic foodstalls. Many things you find on Upmarket are one-off bespoke items, produced by the stallholders themselves. You can find everything from edgy women’s wear, customised men’s clothing, high fashion, and beautifully tailored children’s clothes to handmade jewellery.

 Di vintage shop a Londra ce ne sono a bizzeffe. Ma se riuscite a trovare l’Hanbury Hall Market (il mercatino non ha un sito ma solo una pagina Facebook) potrete considerarvi fortunati (noi l’abbiamo scovato solo grazie all’aiuto della stilista e fashion blogger Naomi Thompson). Si tratta di un mercatino in Brick Lane, all’interno di quella che un tempo era una vecchia chiesa. Adesso, al posto di candelabri e fedeli ci sono appendiabiti e hipsters più o meno attempati alla ricerca di capi vintage da sfoggiare. Oltre a vestaglie a quadri e jeans scoloriti, troverete una piccola zona ristoro con tortini, tè e caffè. English breakfast nello stomaco e un capo vintage nella borsa. Londra è sempre Londra.

Underground: Shoreditch

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