The Ultimate City Guide – Milan

Welcome to the heart of Italian wealth and style, where the removal of sunglasses is a surgical procedure and popping to the shops without stillies is simply illegal. As usual our LUXE staff editors flew to the city to join our resident editor and contributors to walk the walk and talk the talk, studiously avoiding the swarms of ubiquitous ‘luxury’ labels to bring you the cutting edge of fab. Go on, put your fash foot forward!

Want the fashion and design cognoscenti’s most treasured hidden addresses? Looking for the next level in retail? Step this way for shoes, suits, ceramics and jewellery custom made by the city’s top artisans, or rare, classic vintage furniture and the latest design by fission-hot talent. Step on the aperitivi pedal at stagger-glam hotpads, hipanista hangs and chilled hideaways, and get jiggy with the finest cuisine from Mamma to Michelin. And don’t forget culture – epoch-making masterpieces, unique private collections, ground-breaking contemporary art… Cara mia, mwah!

LUXE Milan. Swank and frank.

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via LUXE City Guides.


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