How to create a Mood Board

A mood board is simply created by putting toether scraps of anything that inspires you – a photo, magazine clippings, colour pallette – anything! There is even a Moodboard Pro app.

A mood board is a great way to inspire and gather your vision. They are great for helping explain your vision to the wedding stylist, florist, or anyone helping you with the vision. The best advice in terms of wedding colour schemes is to stick to three colours.

Try  green, yellow and white. The colour that pops out the most (yellow) should be used sparingly for highlights, whilst the other colours should be used in equal measures. You can choose a lime green for a fresh look so pick colours that are a bit unusual because they will make your photos pop.

Some people have found that once they fill parts of the mood board (e.g. starting with the dress, or colour scheme) they found others just fit right in. Having a mood board allows you to see what matches and compliments your vision and how the combinations work.

Some suggestions for a green mood board

A yellow summer mood board from



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