Romantic Wedding Cakes

Two wonderfully romantic wedding cakes for you to copy on your big day. Each has a tradition behind its design.

White Rose Wedding Cake

This bloom’s reputation as nature’s most definitive love symbol stems from the Greeks, who used the flower to represent the goddess Venus. White roses, specifically, have come to symbolize purity, unity, and true love — as opposed to red roses’ association with passion — which has earned them the status of Ultimate Wedding Flower. Here, New York City cake guru Sylvia Weinstock blanketed three tiers of cake in handmade, edible sugar petals to gently echo the shape of a French croquembouche — and create a temple to Cupid’s favorite bloom.

Heart Wedding Cake

Long ago, the heart was thought to be the origin of all human emotions. Though modern science proves otherwise, the phrase “giving your heart” is still the best way to express that you’d sacrifice anything for the one you love. Jay Qualls of the Tennessee-based Maples Wedding Cakes printed our designs on paper, covered them in parchment, traced them with royal icing, then transferred them onto fondant.

Download the designs to copy this wonderful cake

These designs are piped using stiff royal icing. Experiment a bit until you find a consistency that holds its shape well. The finished pieces are very brittle; you should make some spares in case of breakage. Store them flat in an airtight container; if you must stack them, lay them gently on top of one another, keeping each one on its original parchment.

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