Colorful Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is the pinnacle of your reception, and almost every guest snaps a shot of it — why not infuse it with a pop of color? Here, we’ve pulled together our most colorful wedding cake designs in every hue of the rainbow.

Boite Roses Wedding Cake – Fauchon, Paris style

If you don’t like the classical wedding cake to cut with a sword why not try something alternative but very up to the minute. A cake made up of the uttermost delicious macaroons, straight from Paris via Fauchon- simply to die for.

Fauchon’s monogrammed pink pastry boxes, or boites roses, are interpreted in tinted white chocolate; the cake itself is vanilla sponge with strawberry syrup and mousse. Almond macaroons in raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, and passion fruit are piled on and around the tiers.

A simple square cake is a literal translation of a wonderful old letter found in a vintage-paper and print shop. The royal-icing Monogram is surrounded by a rolled-fondant flower garland on a blue background.

Monogram Design Transfer How-To
Letters found in vintage books or print shops can inspire beautiful cakes. If you find a monogram that you would like to use as a cake decoration, you can take the following steps to transfer the design from paper to a rolled fondant-covered tier. In addition to your design, you will need a photocopy machine, a ruler, clean straight pins, and a rolled fondant-covered cake tier.

1. Reduce or enlarge the design on a photocopy machine until it fills the area of the tier you’d like to decorate.

2. Using straight pins, secure the photocopied design to the fondant-covered cake tier in areas where the pinholes will not be noticed. Using another straight pin, prick holes through the design’s outlines into the fondant, keeping the holes about 1/4 inch apart. On our blue “L” cake, we transferred only the main contours of the letter and the surrounding leaves and vines.

3. Remove the pins securing the paper, then carefully lift off the paper. When applying the leaves and vines, refer back to the original picture to determine the precise placement of each.

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