Love and Lace – Venetian Inspired Mood Board

Venice Inspired Mood Board

Also known as the floating City, the City of canals and it has even been described by some as ‘the most beautiful City built by man’. Rich in art, beautiful architecture, music and of course the unusual waterways upon which it sits, you really are spoilt for choice when seeking design inspiration from this wonderful City.

Venetian style is known for being rich and luxurious, with extravagant detailing, think Rococo furniture, damask, velvet and silk drapery.

What could be more romantic than a venetian influenced wedding.

Synonymous with the area is the carnival of Venice, an annual festival held at eastertime, and where the carnival mask tradition began. It is said the wearing of masks hid any form of social identity so everyone celebrated together no matter who they were. I find these masks so beautiful I just had to include them somehow.

And another beautiful artform to come from the area is the delicate lacework, which was once a booming business for Venice and such intricate craftsmanship.

So I have taken these two quite big venetian influences and combined them to create Love & Lace: A Venetian Masquerade.


I have kept the bridal look quite simple here with a beautiful lace v-neck Elizabeth Filmore gown, available from Browns Bride in London. The Sandrine has three-quarter length lace sleeves over a silk charmeuse slip.  All this dress needs is an oh-so-delicate fine lace veil like the one pictured, or you could even go traditional here and wear a long veil, as long as it is trimmed with the finest Buranolace, in fitting with the Venetian style.

For the bridesmaid I have chosen a delicate blush-pink, long-sleeved dress with lace detailing, and yes it’s from Topshop, not exactly Italian but still a fab choice nonetheless.

Love and Lace - Inspiration

For a venetian wedding the surroundings need to be luxurious and decadent so seek out a fabulous venue. You can add personal touches with delicate lace pieces used across the table settings, in your bouquet or even in the food. I am of course talking cake here, by replicating the delicate lace of the dress as your cake decoration or these beautiful lace cupcake wrappers. Gorgeous.

Of course no masquerade is complete without the extravagant masks. Why not give each of your guests a mask as their invitation, the only request being they wear it with pride on attending your wedding ball.

Love and Lace - Details

Venetian mirrors and lace parasols are two items you could have scattered around your venue for venetian authenticity and wow factor impact.

By Love My Dress Wedding Blog.

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