Ugly is as Ugly does

Below are two examples of what Hotel Chatter considers to be an Ugly Hotel. So what constitutes an ugly Hotel – that it’s not a beautiful Boutique Hotel like Castello Dal Pozzo overlooking Lake Maggiore?. Surely not. The two hotels depicted below, are not necessarily in keeping with local culture and architecture but filled with amazing amenities or scope for that “special” overnight stay.


Our eyes are burning! We need sunglasses just to look at this picture. Granted, we’d probably have fun inside the world’s largest hotel with its indoor ski park, 28-lane bowling away, giant replicas of world landmarks, Asia’s first free fall simulator, a hang-gliding rollercoaster and a massive casino. But we seriously hope those rooms come with blackout shades.

Let us have your comments

THE SON OF HEAVEN HOTEL, Hebei Province, China

Located outside Beijing, this hotel represents the Chinese ideal of Fu Lu Shou–good fortune, prosperity and longevity. It’s also scary, intimidating and nightmarish. We’ve been trying to track down the hotel’s website but it apparently goes by several different names (Tianiz Hotel is the more popular one) and none of the websites that come up have English translations. However, says that “the chap on the left”, Shou, is holding a peach which is a suite inside the hotel. It would certainly be a suite experience you would always remember.

via HotelChatter’s 10 Ugliest Hotels Alive! || HotelChatter.

Have a look at these Hotels too. Pretty amazing:


4 Responses to Ugly is as Ugly does

  1. lovethybike says:

    Wow! those are some interesting looking buildings…certainly ugly!

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  3. Payal Aneja says:

    Thanks for mentioning my Blog link 🙂

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