Unusual Hotels – Hotels of Ice

Hotel de Glace - Quebec Canada

Ice hotels provide a unique experience for its guests. They tend to be located in slightly or very remote regions surrounded by fantastic landscapes and wildlife. Not for the faint hearted but without doubt a very special experience. Available from January to end of March normally.

Bedroom in the Hotel de Glace-Canada

Quebec City, Canada
Canada’s Hôtel de Glace — North America’s only hotel made entirely of ice and snow — opens for its 11th season on January 6 (and stays open through March 25). Built on the former site of the Québec Zoo, the only animals you’ll find here today are the cold-loving humans aching to spend an evening braving the elements, enjoying a sauna under the stars in the hotel’s Nordic area or taking a turn on the fun-for-all-ages Grand Ice Slide.
Rooms and suites thankfully come with fur-lined beds and sleeping bags; some rooms even have fireplaces. Also on-site is a ice bar and a “nordic area” with hot tubs and a sauna.
Nightly rates start at CAD $400, or $389.

The oldest of the Ice Hotels -Sweden

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Just 125 miles from the Arctic Circle in a small village where the canine residents outnumber the human ones, Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is the grande dame of frozen accommodations. Creating the world’s largest ice hotel is a year-round endeavor that begins in the spring — when 4,000 tons of water are harvested from the Torne River — and continues through the winter months, during which more than 50,000 people make the sub-zero pilgrimage to the ice hotel that started it all.

Ice Bedroom in the Ice Hotel

Cold Room Accomodation:  Suite Stay amongst ice art in the shape of fantastic design and wonderful sculptures. Spacious accomodation for a special occasion. You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed of snow and ice, on reindeer skins.You are awakened in the morning with a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside. Breakfast buffet, winter overall, boots, mittens, morning sauna and towels included.
Price per Suite 3500-7000 Swedish Kronors per night.

Ice Bedroom at the Sorisniva Igloo Hotel Norway

Sorrisniva, Norway
The Vikings. Norwegian fairytales. The Alta River. Each year, a single theme inspires the ice artisans who spend five weeks creating the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel; this year’s focus is on Norse mythology. But guests aren’t left out in the cold for their entire stay: A heated service building offers restroom, changing, shower, sauna and restaurant facilities.
The Igloo measures approx 2000 square metres and the entire exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; the rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the ice bar. Apart from its 30 bedrooms, the Igloo Hotel houses suites, an ice-chapel, an ice-bar and several lounges.
Price per Double Room NOK 1995

Lake Balea IceCube Palace Roumania

Balea Lac, Romania
Perched at an altitude of 2,000 meters, Hotel of Ice Cubes might be a more accurate name, as this place — which includes an ice bar, ice restaurant and ice church — is built of ice cubes cut directly from the Balea Lake (plus some just regular old ice and water).

Ice Bedroom in the Ice Cube Palace

Nestled in the majestic Fagaras Mountains, skiing is perhaps the favorite activity of those visiting the Ice Hotel Romania. The skiing is excellent for beginners and experts alike. For those looking for some really hardcore skiing and snowboarding adventures, guests can charter heli-skiing trips that take skiers to some the most pristine slopes in the world with virgin snow, steep inclines and rocky drops that get the adrenaline pumping.
Price per Double Room





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