Unusual Hotels – Cave Hotel, Turkey

Goreme, heart of Cappodoccia

Stay in a cave Hotel in the heart of the Cappadoccia region in Turkey. Kelebek has a wonderful location, right in the heart of Goreme’s historic old village, with spectacular views looking out towards Uchisar and Cavusin.

Cave Hotel

The history of the site stretches right back to prehistory, to the days when the eruption of Mt Erciyes and then the effects of wind and rain on the tuff created our two fairy chimneys.
In medieval times the rooms in the top of the  chimneys served as simple chapels for local hermits; some of them were frescoed on the ceiling.

Fairy Chimney Bedroom

Today Kelebek -the Butterfly in English- has 31 rooms, some of them in the fairy chimneys, some in caves and some of them in the traditional arched rooms where the locals used to live.

Cave Hotel Bathroom

Suites have spacious cave bedrooms with hand-carved furnishings and locally-made fabrics, marble-walled bathrooms with their own hamam basins, power-showers and bathtubs, and a lovely flower-filled garden with fairy chimneys behind it and the Pigeon Valley opening out in front of it. What more could you possibly wish for?

The traditional Hamman

The Hotel also offers a Haman, swimming pool, and a full range of magnificent tourist attractions.

Price per room per night from €50 to €130 , depending on the size and location of the room.

There are rooms built into fairy chimneys, cave rooms and stone rooms in the rose garden.



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