Unusual Hotels – Wine Barrels Netherlands

The entrance to the Barrel Hotel in Friesland

The Netherlands’ Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren is a barrel of fun. The hotel features four rooms made from 14,500-liter wine casks shipped from Switzerland.

Each wine cask room has two twin beds and is attached to a small sitting room with a television, radio and full bathroom.

Barrel Hotel Living Area

The hotel has views of the harbor and a shady terrace patio for guests to enjoy. Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren also has a restaurant that offers a wide range of traditional and international cuisines.

Barrel Hotel - Bedroom

The wine cask rooms start at 109.50 euros per night for two people.
From November to February, guests can snag a room for as little as 27.40 euros a night if they’re willing to stay at least three nights.
Room prices include breakfast. Some of the hotel’s packages include additional meals or fun extras such as a homemade cake or pie, a bottle of wine and bicycle rentals.

Stavoren - Friesland

The hotel can be found in Stavoren, a town in the Netherlands’ Friesland province. The well-preserved harbor city boasts centuries-old forests and a large network of bike paths that wind through the city.

Friesland province is famous for its cross-country speed ice skaters, hosting Elfstedentocht, a 200-kilometer ice skating tour.

For more information on Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, visit its website: www.hotel-vrouwevanstavoren.nl/Engels/indexengels.htm


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