Wedding Day Dress Code – Do’s and Don’ts

Navigating your way through the plethora of sartorial rules can be quite a trial, so with the  help of  the Daily Telegraph here are a few pointers to help you  in the right direction.

Do go for print

Floral prints are very fashionable

Weddings are the perfect time to don a colourful print, like the florals in Stella McCartney’s spring 2013 collection, and not look out of place

Do try tailored alternatives

Elegantly tailored alternatives are always fashionable

Just because it’s a wedding don’t think you have to wear a skirt or dress. Take a leaf out of Yasmin and Kate’s book, tailored trousers or shorts can look just as chic.

Do invest in a good bag

An elegant handbag will dress up any outfit

An everyday handbag can look incongruous with a wedding-appropriate outfit so invest in a simple, neutral clutch, just like Olivia Palermo, that will see you through a summer of weddings and beyond.

Do wear a hat

Do wear a hat, a wedding is a great moment to dress up

Controversial perhaps, but there’s little opportunity to wear a formal hat in everyday life (unless you’re the Duchess of Cambridge), so make the most of it.

Do wear flats if you need to

Elegant flats mean you won’t sink into the lawn and will be able to dance the night away

Weddings involve lots of walking, standing and dancing so if you’re not comfortable in heels make like Diane Kruger at the Chanel couture show and opt for some statement flats instead.

Don’t think it’s OK to wear jeans

Jeans are not acceptable. Weddings are a special occasion so make an effort and dress up

Yeah, yeah, Kristen Stewart’s, like, so laid back and totally hates getting dressed up, but come on, jeans at a wedding reception? Really?

Don’t wear black

Black is not really for weddings, choose a more cheerful colour

Unless specified otherwise on the invitation, black is never a good idea for a wedding, for obvious funeral-related reasons. Repeat offender Victoria Beckham illustrates another good point in this picture from Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s ill-fated 2006 wedding – don’t over pose in the wedding photos.

Don’t wear anything too bridal-esque

Do not overshadow the bride.           Its her day.

VB rocked up to Davinia Taylor’s 2003 nuptials in a lacy Dolce & Gabbana dress leaving people wondering which lady was the bride.

Do check what other attendees are wearing

Check what others are going to wear so as not to appear as identical twins

If you know other people attending the wedding check what they are wearing beforehand. Otherwise you might end up looking like this trio – lovely, but a little too matchy-matchy.

With many thanks to the Daily Telegraph Friday Fashion


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