Castello Dal Pozzo Summer Digest

I would like to introduce to all my  friends and acquaintances our Summer Digest, a short pictorial update on what we are doing, and what people think and write about how we are doing it.  (click on the link to open the Digest).

Castello Dal Pozzo

Castello Dal Pozzo

This month we offer a look at our magnificent park with many species of unusual trees, planted some 200 years ago. The Dal Pozzo 24,Winebar, which opens out onto magnificent shady plane trees, is the ideal place to contemplate the peace and quiet offered by the wide open lawns fronting the Castello, whilst sipping an Aperol Spritzer or having a quick al fresco dinner before moving onto the night life offered in nearbye Arona, on Lake Maggiore.

We have been written up both in Vanity Fair and by various well known food reviewers for our “Scent inspired Dinners”, a collaboration between our chef, Francesco Luoni  and Giovanni Castelli, creator of Acqua di  Stresa parfumerie. A sensorial experience that helps to heighten one’s awareness of the various courses proposed each evening.
The dinners continue through to October, the menu changing to suit the seasons but the Rosa Nobilis will not fail to delight your taste buds.

Whether sheltering from the rain inside the magnificent reception rooms of the Castello Dal Pozzo, steeped in history and of great architectural interest, or dining under the stars on the Terrace, weather permitting, Castello Dal Pozzo is without doubt a destination to put on one’s “Must Stay There” list.


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