Hibiscus Blooms – Isola Madre

A unique opportunity to visit the Borromean Islands, and in particular the Isola Madre, is represented this year by the opening, in September, of the Avenue of the citrus fruit to admire the extraordinary collection of hibiscus of the Princes Borromeo.

Hibiscus rosaHibiscus rosa Hibiscus rosaHibiscus rosa-sinensis

Approximately ninety varieties, collected and cultivated over the years by skilled gardeners of the island, will adorn the terraces of the largest of the Borromean Islands with colours that refer to distant countries.

To this kind of flowers belong the about 300 species of tropical and subtropical origin, among which the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, the most beautiful and varied, an evergreen from which infinite varieties were obtained. Its flowers are very large and with an original deep red color, but there are now varieties ranging from white to orange to pink to brown, up to multi-colored varieties, multipetal or “wrinkled”.

The hibiscus also has a high symbolic value: its charm, but at the same time, the short duration of its flower (blooms for one day) in fact symbolize the fleeting beauty.

The months of September and October, are among the best to visit the Borromean gardens on Isola Madre and Isola Bella. The gardens of the Isola Madre are coloured with blooms of Amarillys, Reeds, Fuchsias and Lantane, while in the fountains bloom the tropical water lilies and the Lotus.

The quiet and peace of the Borromean gardens therefore give also in the autumn months moments of absolute relaxation, immersed in the charm of a lush and intact nature.


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