Choux pastry filled with a cherry cream, topped with gianduja ganache
This was the favourite dish of the Marquess Luigia Monticelli degli Obizzi, (known as Aunt Gigia), wife of Alberto Visconti d’Aragona (1811-1885). Alberto was a
fervid patriot and, as a result, was condemned to death and to the expropriation of all his worldly possessions. These passed to his sister Virginia, married to the Marquis Bonifazio Dal Pozzo d’Annone although, eventually, the sentence was not carried out. Alberto, the last descendant of the Visconti d’Aragona, who helped to make Milan a great city, first as Seigneurs and then later by order of the Emperor Venceslao as Dukes, is now buried, with his wife, in the Cemetery of Oleggio Castello. #ristorantelefief #oleggiocastello #food #foodie #gourmet #sushi #fusion #chefbazzanella #castellodalpozzo #lagomaggiore #lakemaggiore #gourmetrestaurant #grandecarte #estate18 #foodblog #guidamichelin #thefork #ristorantiditalia #ristorantisullagomaggiore #rassegnaculinaria #saporviaggiando


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