Things to See & Do – Hat Musueum

July 12, 2016

 Hat Museum at Ghiffa

Cap 1500 – typical pointed shape

The Hat Museum (more precisely “Museum of the Art of Hat-making”) in Ghiffa, overlooking Lake Maggiore, illustrates the history of Italian glamour in hat-making. Read the rest of this entry »


Wedding Day Dress Code – Do’s and Don’ts

July 24, 2012

Navigating your way through the plethora of sartorial rules can be quite a trial, so with the  help of  the Daily Telegraph here are a few pointers to help you  in the right direction.

Do go for print

Floral prints are very fashionable

Weddings are the perfect time to don a colourful print, like the florals in Stella McCartney’s spring 2013 collection, and not look out of place Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion Line Up for the Olympics – TeamUSA

May 16, 2012

Team USA Village Wear

The Americans always go overboard with everything and their Olympic Games Apparel is no different. Ralph Lauren has designed their Village wear, for lounging in fashion when not competing. Definitely chic! Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion Line Up for the Olympics – Great Britain

May 15, 2012

Team Great Britain

The uniforms for the 2012 British Olympic team, designed by Stella McCartney, were unveiled  back in March, and the immediate reaction was to say the least, mixed. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion Line Up for the Olympics – Italy

May 14, 2012

EA7’s Olympic Designs

This is where my double citizenship creates problems – Do I support the English Team or the Italian one? I suspect that the Italians will be smarter, their uniforms having been designed by the archetypal Georgio Armani. Read the rest of this entry »

How to be Ecological and stylish all at the same time

October 5, 2011
Melissa Making + Alexandre Herchcovitch

For Alexandre Herchcovitch

The Brazilian made Melissa plastic shoes are way more comfortable than the old school jellies. These plastic shoes are made from recyclable PVC in a socially responsible factory where 99,9% of the waste is recycled. Collaborations include Jean Paul Gautier, Vivienne Westwood and Alexandre Herchkovitch.

So stride out in style and leave only a soft jelly carbon footprint

Read the rest of this entry »