The changing seasons in a microclimate environment like Lake Maggiore are fascinating to observe. Also, given the protected environment of the Park, the seasons tend to linger on undisturbed.

Winter snow sits pristine on the ground whilst all around, outside its protective walls,  the sparkling freshness has turned to a slushy brown.

Spring begins to show itself as the snowdrops peek through the snow. At first one does not even notice them but suddenly there is a carpet of green stems against the white snow. This then gives way to the brillant blue of the Alpine Squills which then become quartered with wood anenomes. A few weeks on and colour begins to show itself; yellow celandines, tiny violets, a mass of yellow primroses. And then suddenly the camelias come out in a rush of pink and red, interspersed with the white gardenias and yellow forsythia. Spring has arrived!

And then suddenly Summer is here. The cuckoo starts to make itself heard, the ducks are nesting on the Lake and the grass has once again taken over. The Park is green. Lets hope that after all the violence that Mother Nature has unleased this winter, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and melting glaciers, that she will let us enjoy the gift of warm sunshine and just the gentle patter of the occasional rainshower and not roast the countryside or flood it with monsonic rainfall.

Check out the Picture galleries of the changing seasons

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  1. Adrian Laurentiu says:

    Very interesting blog ! Congratulations !

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